How do I order a cake?

As we are an all natural bakery and abstain from using preservatives or other artificial ingredients, all of our cakes are made to order. Whether a grand, tiered wedding cake or a 6" cake for an intimate birthday gathering, please place all orders at least two days in advance.

  • Call us at the store and speak to a member of our staff about our options at 502.425.0130.
  • Come into the store and see what we have to offer. Browse our photo album for ideas and talk with our knowledgeable team.
  • Email us with your contact information, cake size, cake type (cake, filling, and frosting), date of pick-up or delivery, and décor info to orderit@cakeflourbakery.com and we will be in touch with you to complete your order!

How much notice to order a cake or special orders?

For standard cakes with classic decoration, we do require at least two days notice. For larger cakes, wedding cakes, and specialty cakes, we need at least 5 days. As all of our cakes are made to order, we do require enough lead time to schedule and produce specialty cakes.

How do you make your cake decorations?

Most of our decorations are made with dark chocolate, white chocolate, plant-based food coloring, and sugar crystals.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we do deliver for a fee. The delivery charge is dependent upon distance from the store, is subject to staff availability, and begins at $25. Prices for large specialty cakes/wedding cakes are subject to a different delivery charge scale.

Cake and Pastry Care

We use only real European style butter. With its higher fat content and far less oily feel, European butter yields a rounder, richer taste. All products made with butter should be refrigerated, however, they will taste substantially better at room temperature. Those few minutes make all the difference! Please patiently wait for your pastry to reach room temperature (70F-72F) before you enjoy or serve it.

  • Cupcakes require 5-10 minutes to reach room temperature. To store, wrap with plastic wrap or place in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
  • Cakes require 20-60 minutes to reach room temperature. To store, wrap with plastic wrap or place in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
  • Tarts, love bugs, individual flourless chocolate cakes, and other small pastries require 10-15 minutes to reach room temperature. To store, place in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
  • Cookies should not be refrigerated, and may simply be stored in an airtight container at room temperature.

Traveling with our cakes and pastries: Always drive safely, slowly, and steadily. Sudden turns and stops are not good for pastries and cakes. Please have the air conditioning on in your vehicle and make sure your seats are not heated!  Some items travel best when frozen, so please consult our knowledgeable staff.

Clean and precise cake cutting is simple to achieve. Let the knife sit in hot water or run it under a faucet before making a cut. Clean your knife between cuts. This will give you a clean slice and more even distribution. For large cakes, cut in a grid.

Do you make anything fat-free or sugar-free?

We use only real European style butter, vegan margarine or organic shortening in all our pastries. As this is the case, we are unable to produce any low-fat or fat-free pastry. We use organic cane sugar, molasses and honey in our pastry. As we are first and foremost an all natural bakery, we do not and will not use artificial sugars or sweeteners such as stevia, aspartame, sweet-n-low, and so forth. As this is the case, we are unable to produce any low-sugar or sugar-free pastry.

Do you use any transfats?

No. We bake in small batches to ensure freshness, quality and a product that you will love. Using transfats, made to preserve to the shelf-life of food products, is in direct contrast to our beliefs and our pastry mission.

Do you have Vegan or Non-Gluten sweets?

We do carry some vegan and non-gluten items such as cupcakes, bars, cookies, and made-to-order cakes. See our Made-Without page for further information!

Allergy Information and Sensitivity

At Cake Flour we strive to serve our guests with food allergies, intolerances, and special dietary restrictions. We offer a variety of baked goods for those with particular needs.  However, our facility does contain common food allergens and cross contamination is possible. Ultimately, it is the customer's responsibility to determine their own level of sensitivity.

Non-Gluten Options

Are available most days or by special order and do not have any gluten added. Please place cake orders at least two days in advance.  Be advised that we are not "Gluten-Free," as our facility does contain gluten products.


We have all natural vegan cookies, cupcakes, bars, and cakes available for special order. Call the store to check on immediate availability.

Non-Gluten & Vegan

We unfortunately do not offer items that are both Non-Gluten and Vegan.  We frequently serve Vanilla-Strawberry French Macarons, made with almond flour, which are both Non-Gluten and non-dairy!  Please call to check on availability.

No-Nut Options

Although we have several options to meet your needs, we are not a nut-free facility. We do carry ingredients with certain types of nuts on site. So please be informed that your sweet treat may, at some point, come in contact with these items. We do not and have not had peanuts on-site whatsoever. We do not use peanut butter or peanuts in any of our foods. We do use a variety of tree nuts and other ingredients that may be processed in facilities that also process peanuts.  The items in our case that do contain nuts are labeled for your convenience.

Are you hiring? Do you offer internships?

Availability of jobs and internships varies by season. We offer positions for the counter and kitchen. You can download the Application file and email your resume in the body of the message. You can also apply in person at our shop.

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