Breakfast Pastries

Breakfast Pastries

No matter how early you have to rise, our bakers can welcome you with aromas of cinnamon, toasted nuts, sweet berries, and freshly brewed coffee. Our breakfast pastries range from our light and buttery scones to our sweet and tempting spiced Schmuffins. Craving something savory?  Try our filling bacon and egg biscuit with crisp sea salt. Whether you want something for yourself or need a box to bring to the office, we offer an ample selection. And out of our love for variety, we use different seasonal fruits and spices daily.

Muffin of the Day

Our muffins are filled with fresh fruits or nuts and adorned with a unique butter crumble top.

Scone of the Day

Sweet and buttery, baked fresh daily in a variety of flavors.

Cinnamon Buns

Our cinnamon buns are a delicate combination of sticky cinnamon spice and sweet dough with a bit of orange zest for a perfect balance. While still warm, we drizzle them with an organic sugar icing.


Our small nutmeg-laced spice cakes, brushed with a thin layer of butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar, are perfect with a cup of our dark roast coffee.

Bacon & Egg Biscuit Sandwich

Farm fresh eggs and bacon served on our house made flaky biscuit 

Powerhouse Sandwich

Egg white and spinach souffle with tomato and Havarti cheese, grilled panini-style on our Hearty bread.

Yogurt Parfait

Fresh, natural, creamy yogurt paired with fresh fruit and house made granola. 


For large breakfast orders, please call in advance.

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